We are an exciting business committed to providing quality tents constructed to your specifications.

The company was started by Kevin North many years ago and was based in Totnes, South Devon. Kevin started making tents when the upkeep on his van became too costly to justify. His first Yurt was a rather large 18 footer to take to festivals and for holidays. Its since been used as a workshop, a spare room, and the venue for the streets New Years party!

Although a bit of a rough prototype, the Yurt generated a lot of interest amongst his friends, and two smaller Yurts (12ft and 10ft) were subsequently built. Word of mouth then travelled locally with enquiries gathering pace with orders resulting so Kevin quit the day job and went into full production!

That was all in 2004, and now our tents can be found from Scotland to Cornwall, from Wales to Norfolk, in France, Spain and Portugal, and even two in Australia!  Check out some of our creations on our Gallery page.

Our tents are not made using traditional methods or materials. The designs are practical and the materials used are, in our opinion, the best for the job, and are chosen to ensure the tents we build last! This also keeps the cost of our tents comparatively low. Who ever said that evolution stops!!?

2014 marked 10 years of yurt manufacturing. With close to 200 tents built across the range of yurts - from the 8ft Childrens Yurt to our largest 44ft Wedding Venue, Geodesic Domes and North Stars, we are thrilled to have supplied tents all over the UK and across Europe.

2017 is another milestone year as Rob and Di Miller acquired the buisness,  relocating manufacturing to the East Riding of Yorkshire where they will continue to build Yurts in the proven manner and style the company is renowned for. Kevin North remains associated with the buisness and no doubt will appear on the site for time to time.

If you would like to Buy a Yurt, please check out our Full Price List page which will give you detailed costs of the Yurts for Sale.

We are often asked if we hire yurts, or if we can recommend somewhere to stay in a yurt. Please check out our links pages where you will find the details of some of our customers who have now made our yurts their businesses!





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