North Star - Polaris

The North Star – Polaris tent was designed and built by us in connection with our customers Rawdon and Ross. They had a vision of a yurt / tipi / big top hybrid and were looking for someone who could take up the challenge and design and build a structure that would fit the bill.


From 3d rendered CGI models, the design was tweaked until we had something that was both practical and would stand up to our erratic weather, and was aesthetically pleasing with lines that makes this tent stand out from the rest.








 In June of 2013, the first North Star – Polaris tent was installed at the Great Escape in Sussex, and worked wonderfully – even in the windy conditions!










We have a central King Pole, and, in this case, 19 shorter Queen Poles which support the canvas, which is anchored to the ground via ratchet straps to Marquee Pins for stability. As you can see, the wall sections can be fitted or not, dependant on the weather and the use you have in mind.









This example is 33ft in diameter point to point, with approx. 23ft internal space. A large, high doorway gives the entrance a bit of theatre, and welcomes the visitor.











This particular tent is large enough to be a small venue at events. Other sizes can be made to cater for larger events, or for family holidays. The design can be altered to suit your requirements!








Please give us a call if you have any questions!