Childrens Yurts

For many years I have been toying with the idea of making a small yurt for Children. My work with schools has highlighted the fact that kids really enjoy yurts and the space that they create, stimulating their imaginations and creativity.

I have decided on an 8ft yurt with short walls and a door that is large enough for chldren and adults to crawl through. The sizes of the components are proportional to a full sized yurt so that it looks just the same! Materials used are exactly the same as for full sized yurts - I don't like the idea that something made for children will in some way be of lower quality than the grown-ups version.

This prototype is the first attempt, and, as you can see, it works great!

Here the yurt is installed in Martin and Lisas garden. We have a timber base for the yurt to sit on with a view to keeping the yurt up throughout the year. Martin has run the electric into the yurt, and even on a cold clear January afternoon, the small heater and fairy lights make it a cosy space for the children to play - even in winter and when it is raining! I should know, I spent 3 hours playing with soft toys with them when I installed!










Even before I had finished installing, Eva has moved in carpets and a small bookcase and a collection of soft toys!












...and Grace has spotted a pair of red kites circling above! The clear top makes it ideal for bird spotting and star gazing.












There are a few more photos on the gallery page for you look through if you like! Have fun!!