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You may want a tent that isn't listed on our other pages, or in fact exists only in your imagination!

If so, no problem! We can either build tents to your plans, or design a tent based on your idea, as we did for the Zoo Art Fair recently.

The brief was to build a tent suitable for screening short films and video for their event held at London Zoo.

The black canvas was selected to ensure blackout inside the tent so that the films could be seen clearly.

The tents was based on a 16ft yurt, with an 18ft rectangular section attached in which the films and videos were screened.

This is where the Yurt joined the screening area from the inside.

This is looking back into the tent from the screen.

And this is the screening area.

Drop us an e-mail or give us a ring if you have an idea for a unique tent - we will see what we can do!