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Full Price List

The lists below are not exhaustive - let your imagination run wild! Come up with new ideas that will make your tent unique! The prices will remain competitive even for one off designs.

In 2008, I increased prices quite a bit. This is so that Fire Retardand Canvas is no longer an option - it is standard on all my yurts (and is the best canvas I can get hold of...), an improved tension band, and more stainless steel components. I hope you still find them competitive and great value for money!

The prices below are for "standard" Yurts. You can "create your own" by changing the specification - i.e.

  • Timber Door (lockable)
  • Groundsheet
  • Windows
  • Drainage Skirt
  • Flue Outlet
  • Porch
  • ...and any other ideas you may have!

Its easier to discuss these "optional extras" over the phone - so I can work out the exact requirements! Prices can be found on the Full Price List page.

Size                  Price           

The prices below are for standard Tipis. They include the poles, cover, lining, and anything else necessary to get you going. Again, the Optional Extras include:

  • Groundsheet
  • Trivet

Prices and details for Tipis can be found on Phils website.

Visit Phil at:


The Domes also have optional extras!

  • Groundsheet
  • Drainage Skirt
  • Windows
  • Clear Panels

Its easier to discuss the cost of these "optional extras" over the phone - so I can work out the exact requirements!

Size                 Price