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My Geodisic Domes are based on the principles of Buckminster Fuller. They consist of a series of triangles placed along chords of a sphere. Primarily I build 2 frequency domes, but larger domes may be built using 3 frequency to increase strength and reduce the length of poles used.

My Domes are have either a timber frame, or, more recently, an Aluminium frame with Stainless Steel hubs. This method of construction is much easier to erect!

Domes pack down small enough to fit into the boot of a small family car, and can be erected by 1 person in about an hour, although it is easier with 2!

The pictures below show domes built for Edinburgh City Council for a schools project.

The framework is 2 frequency, and uses 3 sizes of poles. This is a small 10ft dome.

The canvas is black so that kids can experiment and learn about light and fibre optics etc inside! I wish my schooling had been so progressive! Here the dome is erected in the library of the resource centre.

Small dome amongst trees in Portugal. The challenge was to make a tent that could be taken on an Easyjet flight without incurring weight penalties! Just made it with this 8ft dome, weighing in at 20kgs...