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Not an expert in Tipis myself, but my very good friend Phil is!

These tents are excellent in all weathers! They are designed to have open fires in the centre - great for cooler evenings, and superb for crumpets!

Our Tipis are made from locally grown woods (can vary dependant on what is being thinned at the time) and from 15oz water and rot proofed canvas.

This is Phils 16ft Tipi on holiday this year. The colours cost only a little extra, but look extremely effective!

The view from inside - looking up the poles through the smokeflaps. The poles are stripped, sanded, and treated with linseed oil as standard to ensure they are protected against the elements, and they keep their golden colour.

The lining is essential to draw the smoke up the tipi and out through the smoke flaps.

Our Tipis include all that you will need to get you going -  the poles, cover, lining, lacing pins etc! Please go to the contacts page if you are interested!

For any other sizes, please contact Phil - he can discuss your individual requirements and a price to match.