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Based on the Mongolian Yurt (or Ger), my Yurts are constructed from clear treated timber (Redwood) and some rather special 15oz canvas. This is Rot Proofed and Fire Retardant, and is Waterproofed to a Hydrostatic Head of 60cm - which means that I have 50% more waterproofing than is standard amongst yurt builders. Also, my canvas has additional UV proofing which makes them more suitable for use in sunnier climates - i.e. Southern Europe.

At the time of writing, no-one else uses canvas proofed to this level - I have it specially made for me to exceed the BS Standards to ensure a longer life.

They can be erected by 1 person in about and hour, and will fit onto the roofrack of a small family car.

They provide an excellent space to stay, entertain, work, or to just chill out in!

They can be constructed to cater for a woodburning stove which make these tents usable 12 months of the year!

This is Rowan and Morags 14ft Yurt on holiday a couple of years ago. The coloured canvas costs a little extra, but looks quite effective!

The colours look equally as effective on the inside! To colour the timber costs a little more as it does take a long time! Please call me for details. 

Looking through the centre ring is particularly relaxing on a sunny day, or clear night! A clear centre ring cover now comes as standard.

This 12ft Yurt was made with a canvas "wrap over" style door. The "frill" at the bottom is a drainage skirt. This is an "optional extra" and is particularly useful if the Yurt is to stay up for long periods of time, or in the winter!

This is the view inside the 12ft yurt... It has a clear centre ring cover making star-gazing a must!

Please check out the price list page for details of costs.

For any other sizes, please contact me - we can discuss your individual requirements and a price to match.