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Below are some pictures of our yurts and domes sold over the years. Most of these pictures have been sent in by our customers once they have been installed in their new homes, so Thanks everyone!!

This is our largest creation to date. It is 44ft in diameter and can seat over 120 people. It can be hired from Amy and Max at www.hooesyurts.co.uk . It has a secondary steel ring at 26ft diameter which helps us to support the huge span. This sits on 6 Queen Poles for added support. The roof is held on by 12 pennants giving this wonderful effect as the sun shines through the canvas.

...and this is what it looks like from the outside! The steel ring gives us a step in the roof which provides an added bit of theatre.

These eight green yurts were installed at www.thebivouac.co.uk , an exceptionally beautiful site in the Yorkshire Dales. Each yurt is set on its own Oak base, and has running water as well as beautiful hand crafted beds. Great spot, and lovely people!

Escot Park, near Exeter, runs a Childrens Educational Summer Camp from their six yurts. Five 22ft yurts are interconnected to the central 28ft yurt. Check them out at http://www.escotcampwild.co.uk 

New for 2010, this is a 15ft aluminium framed Geodesic Dome.

This is an avenue of Geo-Domes at the Hay-on-Wye book festival 2010.

This was our largest yurt constructed at the time. It is 32ft in diameter, and can be hired from Amy and Max at www.hooesyurts.co.uk - please see the links page for their website.

Joy had been collecting furnishings for her 14ft yurt for years, and it looks great!

Our yurts on site in Portugal. These are a 12ft bedroom yurt attached to an 18ft yurt for kitchen and living room.

The windows are placed to make the most of the views across the valley. They are clear plastic and have a canvas cover outside.

We are lucky to be able to get a birds eye view! Complete with Sarah and washing line...

Some of Amys yurts. Large 24ft yurt attached to four 14ft yurts. These yurts can be hired from Amy at www.hooesyurts.co.uk . You can catch Amy and her crew at many of the festivals each summer.

This is the Yurtel on its first outing at the Hay-on-Wye book Festival 2008. They have 6'6" high doors at the front, and 6'6" windows with perspex inserts at the back.

Inside a Yurtel yurt. With Bamboo bed and all the furnishings of a hotel room, your stay in a Yurtel yurt will be very pleasant indeed!

This is the inside of Dan and Marias yurt, featured on my homepage. Dan and Maria have lined their yurt with blankets to keep warm in winter, cool in summer.

Andreas yurt has double stable doors.

...and you can see why - the view from her site is phenomenal!

Amys recent trip to the Far East resulted in some excellent accessories for her yurt...

This is my yurt on its recent outing to South Hooe.

Alison and Alastairs yurt in a secret location on the West coast of Scotland - known by the locals as the "igloo"!

Inside Maria and Dans yurt. This is the yurt features on my homepage and is sited on an organic farm in North Devon. The stove warms up the yurt in no time!

Keren and Nicks yurt is being lived in while work is carried out to renovate their bedroom. It sits in the garden of their B&B in Cornwall.

This is Chris and Wills yurt on site in Tarragona in Spain. They are living in here whilst Will renovates a ruin for them to move into.

This is Ian and Helens double yurt palace! A 16' and a 12' yurt joined together via a common doorway to provide separate living and bedroom space. Ian and Helen are taking their yurts to Western Australia where they are going to live in them until their new house is built.

This is Trish's 14ft green yurt with panelled doors. Its sited on a purpose built deck on the banks of the river Tamar.

...and this is the inside. The window and door are situated to give the best views up and down the river.

Rachels yurt sits at the bottom of the garden on its purpose built deck. She uses it as her bedroom...

... With its woodburning stove, it stays toasty warm in winter.